The most intriguing place that we will be visiting as part of our tour is without a doubt Rioja. Rioja is the most fertile region of Spain. Also for many people around the world the word 'Rioja' is a synonym to spanish wine as such. This is recognized by the Spaniards themselves: despite the fact that the country produces many excellent original wines, by 2012 only two regions received DOC (Denominación de Origen Calificada) status, the highest category in Spain : DOCa Rioja and DOQ Priorat.

You will have the opportunity to taste the best wines of this area, visit one of the most interesting wineries of the design-hotel Eguren Ugarte and inhale the aroma of these prolific lands walking around the vineyards.

As we visit more than one place, you will enjoy indescribable views of different parts of the province. Laguardia, a town with a population of approximately 1400 inhabitants, huddles at the foot of the mountain ranges of the Mountains Tolono and Cantabria as a border of Rioja. Laguardia is municipality located in the southern province of Alava. It belongs to the region of Rioja Alavesa, in the Basque Autonomous Community. Laguardia - a town of a special beauty, included in the list of the most beautiful places in Spain. Located in a picturesque valley, completely surrounded by vineyards, it is an ideal place to explore the wine-making traditions of the region. It was originally a fortress and was used primarily as a military fort.
And, of course, strolling through the narrow streets of Laguardia, visiting local bars and tasting the typical Spanish tapas will pleasantly complement the impressions of the wonderful Rioja.

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